Monthly Harmonica Club Meetings

Harmonica Club Meetings are held twice a month on the second and fourth Sunday from 1:30-3:30pm.  If something, such as a holiday should interfere with a particular Sunday, members will be notified of a change in the meeting date.


Membership Fee $24/year

Donation requested at each meeting is $1.00.  This helps pay the rent for the building we use.

Guests Welcome

Please feel free to bring your guests to any of our harmonica club meetings so they may enjoy some good music and become acquainted with our club.

Meetings are held at Historic Grant Ave at

216 S. Grant St., Denver

Harmonica club meets at historic grant ave

HARMONICA CLUB Meeting Information

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Mile High Harmonica Club

Mile High Harmonica Club

mile high harmonica club parking map

Harmonica Club Parking

We can accommodate wheel chairs with advance notice.

  • 2 parking lots; one is immediately south of the building.
  • the other is south of the house next to the parking lot by the building.
  • There is a home between the two available lots.
  • Click on the map to the left to enlarge to show parking options

Parking has become an issue as part of our former lot has now been built upon and no longer available.